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We've slept everywhere from five-star hotels to our fair share of budget guest houses. One of the biggest challenges with booking, however, is that no website shows you all available lodging options, so consider these recommendations that work with any type of trip you're taking - regardless of budget.

Tech & Gadgets

Like most people, we absolutely love disconnecting from e-mail and social media. Realistically, however, we couldn't run our blog without them. Here you'll find our most trusted devices, including our camera and our computer, which we use nearly every day to keep our blog and Instagram accounts up-and-running.


Cell Phone

One of our biggest struggles as travelers used to be staying connected via phone (and data) while overseas. For years, like most people, we wrestled with SIM cards and roaming charges...until one day our friend introduced us to Google's Project Fi, the incredibly affordable and convenient phone service that has made it a breeze to stay connected while traveling.

Travel Insurance

Put quite simply: we don't travel without travel insurance. When you're out exploring a foreign city, it's important to make sure you're fully covered for when a challenge inevitably strikes - from a stolen laptop or camera to a sprained ankle. Insurance is cheap, easy to obtain, and essential for protecting you overseas.