Greetings, travel lovers.

We're a couple of full-time travelers who said goodbye to promising careers in search of new adventures on the road. Our website is designed to inspire your next trip and to share practical advice based on our travel experiences.

After rising the corporate ladder - Chris as a management consultant, and Lori as a marketing and brand manager - we came to the realization that our passion for exploring the world was far greater than our passion for Microsoft PowerPoint, long status meetings, and e-mails riddled with business-speak (let's analyze the delta and then leverage our findings to inform a go-to-market strategy! Anyone?). 

So after a series of impassioned late night discussions and plans sketched on napkins, we decided to quit our jobs and make a leap into the unknown. 

Some of our friends and family think we're on a semi-permanent vacation. And yes, we're certainly having a great time traveling. That said, we're working hard to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and share it with you. During our travels we're blogging, maintaining our website, creating video, and doing it all in the hopes that you'll be able to use that information to travel better, longer, and farther. 

Finally, some background on us: we're both native East Coast-ers in our early 30s who love running, eating healthy, and falling asleep on strangers (in airplanes). Our celebrity name is Chlori. And we can't wait to get to know you better, too.